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Concierge Service

Our main goal is to bring more peace of mind to those aging. She Cares not only concentrates on the task we concentrate on providing tender care and emotional support to our partners.

Senior Citizen Concierge

Living in your own home as you age has it’s advantages, but it can also be difficult. Tasks that may have once been easy are not as easy anymore. The services provided by She Cares Concierge Teams are designed to eliminate the difficulties and risks associated with these daily tasks. Senior concierge services can include a variety of things, depending on the needs of the senior.

She Cares desires to assist the amazing caregivers who give of themselves daily.  Our vision is to fill in the gap when the caregiver needs to step back for a moment that is when She Cares will graciously step in. She cares understands the huge responsibility of caring for a senior adult and or a disabled individual it can be overwhelming at times.  We also understand the importance of taking care of self. So it is our honor to serve in this capacity and come alongside to assist.

We provide non medical compassionate assistance which includes homemaking and personal activities,  allowing your loved one to live comfortably and safely at home, and giving them the independence they crave, and giving you a peace of mind that your loved ones are taken care of in your absence.

Social interaction is essential for humans, especially as we get older, so companion care can have a profound impact on your loved one’s mental wellbeing. She Cares is honored to serve in the capacity that is needed and we strive to help your loved ones live out their golden years without the stress of challenging everyday tasks. 

Medical Appointments

For many people additional assistance is needed once they get to the doctor’s office. We not only drive you to and from your appointment but we also stay with you throughout the appointment. Our Companions will assist with the check-in/out process, completing paperwork, taking notes and staying in touch with your family throughout the appointment. If needed, we can put your family member on the phone to communicate directly with your doctor.


Taking on our clients’ day-to-day responsibilities, our assistance doesn’t stop at their door. Committed to facilitating seamless lifestyles, we shop, deliver, and stock away fresh groceries for your elderly relative to enjoy, without them having to brave the elements, traffic, and lines.

With an emphasis on convenience, we ask our clients to outline their favorite groceries, as well as the items they need, checking off each product as we go to ensure nothing slips through the net. A pivotal service for those experiencing mobility concerns, medical conditions, or a lack of transportation, we’re sticklers for full stomachs and even fuller cupboards.


As you age, physical and cognitive changes may require driving to be limited or stopped completely. Even if there are no health concerns, running errands can be difficult and often exhausting. Traveling to several locations, walking mega stores and hauling purchases into your home can be physically and mentally draining. We are here to help. Rest and relax while She Cares does the work for you!

   Tech Savvy Seniors 

More than half of the senior population are internet users. This population is only growing larger. With grandparents wanting to stay in contact with their children, grandchildren, and relatives, learning to adapt with the digital age is becoming more popular. 

We offer a tech savvy senior basic computer training where we work one on one or in groups walking our tech savvy seniors through the basic skills needed to navigate their way using computers, internet, zoom, protecting their identity and personal information online, creating, saving and printing documents, opening and closing files and applications, basic internet browsing, Using Zoom, Youtube and so much more.



Wellness Check

We understand that as parents and grandparents age, natural worries begin to flood in. What if they fall? Will they know how to reach me? What if I miss their call? Caring for elderly parents often presents new realms of unease as you try to balance their care with your existing responsibilities.

Our role? To give you the most valuable resource in the world -TIME and peace of mind that those you love most are well taken care of, helping you get back to your daily life. A tailored approach to independent living services, we provide a pillar for your family to rely on, whether your relative has complex needs or you’d purely like us to pop by with a friendly face. And if you decide you’d like to up the wellness check frequency? Simply reach out and we’ll make it happen.

Mobile Notary

Provided by licensed texas notaries, we offer notary services from the comfort of our clients’ homes, ensuring all official documentation is in order. From authorizing a new Power of Attorney to identifying beneficiaries, our approachable professionals take pride in working at your loved one’s pace, free of pressure, weight, or time constraints.

Making legal documents less intimidating, our clients benefit from impartial guidance that they can trust. To us, this service is about so much more than an efficient alternative to office-based services. An in-home support service designed to help your elderly relative navigate their personal affairs, we take care of the time-consuming, stress-inducing administrative tasks, fostering a worry-free approach to independent senior living.

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